Wednesday, October 24, 2012



My mom had a pedal  Singer Sewing Machine, and as a teenager I watched my Mother sew. She taught me the importance of self help, how to sew , and how to make clothes,and do quilting , put away canned food. I came from a large family four boys and five girls.  So it took a lot to take care of them.

My Dad was a farmer and planted a large garden to feed us. My Mom had a big job taking care of us kids ,cooking  ,baking, making clothes especially for the girls and herself.

There was a lot of things they had to buy at stores, like sugar, cornmeal, shortening, flour. All these things were bought in bulk sizes, especially the flour,it came in very pretty color printed material. She made me lots of pretty dresses and kept all the left over pieces of material to make quilts with.That's when I fell in love with home made quilts.

When I was in middle school we had sewing classes.I made my first article of clothing it was an apron,I didn't received a blue ribbon , I received a red ribbon which  was ok.

Years later I married and when I had my first daughter, I found that sewing was part of my life I enjoyed sewing little dresses  for my daughters, and myself. I also saved all my left over material for home made quilts.

A lot of my friends sewed also ,so I ask them for their left over material, that I also  saved for my quilt.Some time later I started on my quilt which turned out to be a king size quilt. It also had a lot of memories in it.

What ever you do enjoy it ,and you will have great memories .