Friday, November 16, 2012

Quilts Made By Hands

                                                 Quilts made by hand

Quilting is one of the things I love, quilting from scraps left over from things I have made.  Homemade  quilts in my family go back many years.I have heard more about the grandmothers on my Fathers side than others. I have seen many of their quilts, including  quilts my own mother quilted.

When I was first married and had children, I did a lot of sewing making my children's clothing. After a few years I  noticed I had collected a lot of  scrap material  left over. I knew some of my friends did sewing also so I ask them what they were going to do with it. They gave me so much material, that's when I decided to make a quilt. So over time I worked on my quilt, and guess what? It turned out to be a king size quilt top. Before I could get it quilted, I had another baby, moved, so the quilt had to wait. So, one day I was gone for a while and the basement flooded from a water heater. When I came home my husband had cleaned it all up. The later next day I went down in the basement to see about the things that was stored there , a lot of things were missing, but the one thing I couldn't find, was my quilt top along with a lot of memories.

 I still quilt things for my children and  grandchildren and have a lot more to do.  and I have built a lot more
loving memories.                                                                           Judy