Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby Quilts Made With Love

 Baby Quilts Made With  Love 

 My Mother -in law loved  to quilt and crochet. She had three children with eleven grandchildren she made quilts for those grandchildren and for her daughter she made a regular size wedding ring quilt. 
 She also made baby quilts for some of my children.  My children treasure their quilts even today, they are quite worn but put away for safe keeping and memories.

Our youngest daughter was still in her teens when we made a trip to Orlando, Florida for a wedding.  As always she took her quite worn quilt with her and that was alright because she loved her quilt. We arrived at the motel we unpacked our bags and retired for the day.  The next day we went to the wedding and sight seeing and returned to our motel.  Our daughter saw that her quilt was missing but she had to wait until the morning to check on it when the staff returned.  The next day we called the desk to ask about her quilt. It had not been seen. So we went to the laundry department to check also if they had seen it.   The laundry personal had not seen it.

My daughter would not leave without her quilt. So we had the laundry personal help us look for her quilt, They searched every washer and dryer but couldn't find her quilt.   Finally, one of the staff members went to the dumpster to look for it and there she came back with the quilt in her hand.
A lot of the personnel from the motel had joined us as we waited for the lady to return from the dumpster. When they saw the quilt in hand one of the workers turned to another worker and said, "you mean that ragged thing was what we were looking for".  They just didn't understand that the quilt was made by her grandmother and how much this little girl treasured it.

 When my Mother- In -Law passed away we found a lot of quilt pieces and material. The first quilt pieces we found matched along with the backing. So, I finished the quilt, it was not a baby quilt. It was oblong pieces in pastel colors.  I thought it would be good to put on the floor for my grand daughter to lay on but no, it was never put on the floor. It was too priceless.

My next grand-baby was a little girl, she is nine years old now and treasures the quilt made by her Great-Grandmother. 

 She also made my youngest son a quilt, he put it away with other treasures from childhood. He is now twenty eight with a family of his own. A new baby girl five months old.  I have since made her a quilt as well and a satin pillow to match. He also has a little boy that is three.   I found material with cars and also material with an assortment of sports themes for his quilt .He loves his quilt.

I enjoy making baby quilts to carry on her legacy. I enjoy picking the colors that match their room or simple pinks and blues to match their gender. This is an example of a  good quality to learn, to quilt and give each one you make away to someone with love.          Judy

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