Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Crocheting Ideas

         Crocheting Ideas

I have a beautiful blocked crocheted  throw on the back of my sofa.
It is made with different colored yarn. Each block is rotated with a
burnt orange and a dark brown of yarn encased with beige and all
around the sides with the same color beautiful beige.

When I first married with two children I taught myself to crochet but
I was too busy with children to keep it up. But now that my children
are grown, my oldest daughter ask me about the doilies. It was then
that I started to crochet again.

My oldest daughter loves red so I started to crochet again. I made her
 red doilies large ones and small ones. I thought she would use them   http:/
for Christmas but I was wrong , she decorated  her  kitchen with the
red ones.Then I made her others for the rest of her house.

I use all colors and all sizes for the home or any place you might want
to place them. I also make doilies for any season of the year with
coasters to match.

I have other favorite things to do and that is make baby items,such as
baby booties, bibs to match,baby quilts,made with crochet thread or
yarn.I crocheted a quilt made with white thread for one of my Grand
daughters when she was first born it looked like lace.

I have a favorite doilies pattern it's about fourteen two sixteen inches
round I have made it all colors but my favorite color is white.I have
given away so many to my friends and family but finally have one for
myself .

All you need is a skein of yarn a large size crochet hook and practice
making rows of single crochet stitches and holding the yarn properly.
Then you need to practice with  crochet thread and a small crochet
 hook just as you did with the yarn and a larger crochet hook.
Then your ready to crochet, just get a book of doilies patterns and
inside it will also show you everything else you will need to know
about crocheting.

There are so many things you can make besides doilies.There are clothes,
purses, table runners,table cloths,vest, sleeveless jackets and many more.

Get your supplies today and  learn , you'll have beautiful things for your
 home and also build great memories and wonderful  gifts,


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