Sunday, September 23, 2012

CrochetingGreat Memories

Crocheting Great Memories

There are so many beautiful things to crochet and so many colors to choose from. If it's your first time to crochet you'll need a book of instructions and start with a skein of yarn and a large size crochet hook.  I found that practice makes perfect,  so just start with holding the yarn and crochet hook in your hands properly until you feel secure.  Then start making rows of single crochets.  A single crochet is what one stitch is called. The stitches should be even not tight or loose, you'll be able to do the rest easily.

Crocheting a small baby quilt with yarn is the easiest to crochet first.  I like the light weight yarn also for making baby bibs and booties to match with baby blues and pinks. They are so soft and as beautiful as the baby.       

Look for books with patterns for crocheting baby quilts or afghans for your sofa or bed or in the winter to cover up while watching television.  If you have a family you may have to make more than one or maybe share it but I bet not. It's great for traveling and keeping one in the car.

The next thing I did was to get crochet thread and a small crochet hook.  There are all sizes to choose from but you can buy large and small sets and you will have them on hand for any thing you might need.

The smaller crochet hook is the one I use for making doilies.  I love to make doilies with coasters to match and I make up my own patterns for the coasters but I'm sure you can find all the patterns you need.

Doilies make wonderful Christmas gifts. I have a Christmas tradition, I always give dish cloths/towels and wash cloths for Christmas. One year I made doilies for all my children and put the doilies in the middle of the towels and rolled them up in Christmas wrap with bows on both ends.  It looked like a huge candy cane.  They weren't surprised except for the doilies inside.

Many, many years ago a very special church building was destroyed by lighting and fire and burnt to the ground. A few years ago this church building was rebuilt just as before on the same site.  When I read about this church building being rebuilt, I crocheted a prayer cloth for one of the prayer alters in this building  while it was being built. This church building sets on a hill over looking the Mississippi River.

Learning to crochet makes your home more personable and a trait to pass on to your children.


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